Online Marketing 101: Building a List

You may have heard this many times before or possibly not at all, but making money starting a successful business online is in the list. What do we mean by list? A grocery list? Ha, no.

Building a list of prospects and/or buyers is what earning a consistent and profitable income is all about. And it’s not about who has the biggest list, but the most responsive. What’s the point of attracting people onto your list if you aren’t able to market to them time and time again, which is the sole reason why we build a list in the first place.

When you gain enough of people’s trust to make them a part of your list you gain the ability to build a relationship with them which will make them buy from you over and over again. When you have a churn and burn list that you only market crap to and don’t grow the relationship, your list will drop off and you will have to constantly continue to replace it. If you don’t have a list at all well, you don’t really have anyone to market your products or services to.

When you see people online say that they made several thousand dollars in a day, their list is more than likely the culprit that got them there. When you have a responsive list you can literally send out one email and make hundreds to thousands of dollars in a day, and you can continue to do it if you keep your list strong. This post will let you in on the top 3 ways to do this, even if you’re a beginner.

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